In this field game in the, young goalkeeper Zhang Yanru finally ushered in has starting of opportunities, in 90 minutes of game in the, fifa 14 coins xbox 360 Zhang Yanru high received low block secure gates losing, with stable of played eventually help team made has hard of victory, game Hou sanmao in accept interview of when finally show has returning to of smile, through this field game zhihou, sanmao for himself Xia one can starting more full has confidence. First World Cup game, I think I should be stable, and I think coach wants me to do, I thought I was playing well. "Previously on the bench saw teams were Brazil maniac butcher after that game, Zhang Yanru heart feeling quite a lot, has repeatedly indicated that he did not want fans in the third game after the piercing. A little bit worse. Strikers are a bit anxious,Fifa 14 Coins, We Offer Cheap Fifa 14 Coins For PC, PS3/PS4, XBOX!! mainly we want to goal difference now! If they play fast, and I believe the result could have been better. But I also believe that later in the game we will play better.


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